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A tie has always been, and always will be, the square root to your menswear game, that has been worn by men in power throughout history. A tie does a lot more than just decorate your neck and shirt, and by choosing to wear a tie where it would have been acceptable not to wear one, you’re showing the world how you look matters to you. Through the years, ties have become the pinnacle of a man’s attire by carrying on a proud tradition of formality, poise, and elegance. At Franklin Rogers, we offer sophisticated designer clothes for the everyday man who knows exactly what he wants.

Getting dressed is always about making choices, and those choices let you make a statement with how you look. Nothing says sharp dressed more like a carefully selected mens tie, and the most striking feature a man can equip himself and his outfit with. Modern male fashion revolves around the necktie, and it serves as a defining centerpiece of a traditional suit. The importance of choosing a proper design cannot be over-exaggerated in the scope of masculine prominence. At Franklin Rogers, our variety of crafted high-end menswear and accessories will be sure to give the polished and powerful look you’re looking for.

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