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A man’s fashion sense is judged based on the appearance of his suits and the quality of his shoes. If he spends a lot of time and money on his outfits but neglects his footwear, his efforts will be overlooked. The eyes might be the window to the soul, but what you choose to put on your feet actually does reflect something about you. Whether crafted in fine leather or cozy canvas, a great shoe feels comfortable every time you wear it. At Franklin Rogers, we carry the perfect pairs in styles from dress shoes to casual shoes from a variety of designer brands.

You’ll love the comfort, style and quality of a good pair of men’s shoes. The entire character of an outfit can be solidified or tarnished thanks to whatever shoes a man is wearing. Unlike men’s suits and ties, a man’s shoes can add a touch of class to their attire without looking overdressed. Quality shoes made of good leather stitched to leather soles are more cost-effective than buying cheap shoes, and with proper care can last for decades. At Franklin Rogers, we provide our buyers with impeccable designer men’s wear, right down to the shoes. We offer styles and prices that suit the everyday man for all occasions.

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