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What makes a really great pair of pants? Versatility. Though fashion styles may change with time, the very essence of pants always remains to be the same. From traditional, tailored or relaxed fit for personal comfort, the right men’s dress pants can make all the difference. Weather added with a stylish blazer for business, or a casual collared shirt for a relaxed attitude in, every man is going to need quality dress pants in their wardrobe at some point. At Franklin Rogers, we offer a wide variety of designer pants and clothing that fits both your physical appearance and your personality.

The secret of the best dressed men is that they wear clothing that neither draws attention, and are simply well put together. Good trends and outfits start with those pieces which are versatile, dependable and timeless. Trousers are underrated, although most men wear them everyday. Men’s pants come in a wide range of styles and fabrics and are differentiated from suit trousers as they have no matching jacket. Men’s dress pants are designed for multi-season wear, all day comfort, and staying sharp around the clock. A good quality and flawlessly fitting dress pants are crafted individually to perfection, just for you.

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