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The natural elegance of contemporary European style expressed in a complete collection of tailored men’s clothing by IBIZA, brings an understated sense of luxury to a any man’s wardrobe. While offering clothing drawn from a modern perspective, the collection reflects to the highest standards of tailoring. Established in 1972, IBIZA began with a vision to be a different kind of apparel company, with a dedication to the belief that quality clothing is not just a luxury, but a necessity. With vision and passion, IBIZA is one of America’s most successful tailored clothing manufacturers in the world today. At Franklin Rogers, we are the opposite of the anonymous, impersonal department store. Every customer is given expert, individual attention and personal assistance in selection, wardrobe coordination, and fitting.

IBIZA encompasses more of a casual expression, which maintains the brand’s luxury approach and style in menswear to fulfill any man’s total wardrobe needs. Each design and detail is developed from the finest Italian Biella fabrics into body-complimentary silhouettes with expert craftsmanship. Over the past four decades, IBIZA has evolved into a highly diversified company that is on the cutting edge of fashion and the forefront of technology, without sacrificing old time-honored tailoring standards and hand-finishing techniques. At Franklin Rogers, we source our garments from both domestic and international designers with a keen eye on quality fabric and construction. Voted Rhode Island’s best men’s store 3 years in a row, we remain a service and customer-driven family-owned and operated company.

Ibizia ibiza