Christopher Wicks Christopher Wicks

Christopher Wicks

Mr. Christopher Wicks is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Defiance USA Inc. and Rock & Roll Religion. Under his company banner, Mr. Wicks designs and manufactures apparel under the following brand names: Fender(R), the world-renowned guitar company; Jimi Hendrix “The Experience”, A Clothing Collection; Da Vinci, menswear since 1952; and English Laundry(R), the global flagship brand of fashion and fragrance for men and women.

Christopher Wicks got his start as a young designer for one of England’s top gentleman’s shirt manufacturers. But the Manchester native, whose tastes ran a bit more Abbey Road than Savile Row, decided to try his hand at sportswear. Today, his fashion empire includes everything from denim to dress shirts, footwear to fragrances.

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