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A classic piece, blazers are one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe that has the ability to instantly upgrade your look and lift your confidence. The men’s blazer is by definition a jacket that has been cut separately without a matching pair of trousers, clearly differentiating it from a suit. From casual to formal, the blazer is a great way to add a whole new range of outfits by pairing them with anything from a pair of jeans to different colored trouser. At Franklin Rogers, we keep up with fashion trends around the world, and as styles, patterns, fabrics and tastes evolve, so do the products we offer.

A blazer is an indispensable and must-have essential part of every man’s ­wardrobe. Blazers aren’t just for special occasions any more, they’ve become the go-to topper to take you from your cubicle to a club. No matter the age or occupation, a blazer is an item that every guy should always have in his closet. What you pair with your blazer and how you layer it allows you to create a look that is comfortable and unique to you. At Franklin Rogers, we provide the convenience of free in house tailoring, and recommendations that will ensure you’ll love how you look.


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